Muslim Neighbour Nexus


A) To advance and teach the religious tenets, doctrines, observances, and culture associated with Islam

  1. To arrange, hold and facilitate five time daily worship, weekly Friday sermons and worship and special services on festivals and other religious occasions.
  2. To hold classes, seminars, lectures, workshops, study circles, discussion meetings, etc, in order to teach Islamic tenets, doctrines, paradigms and observances associated with Islam.
  3. To compile, write, produce, publish and distribute articles, pamphlets, treatise, books, instructional and educational material in paper and/or electronic form for the above-mentioned educational purposes.
  4. To organize social activities, picnics, neighbourhood parties and meet and greet events to encourage people to get involved and participate.
  5. To use electronic media such as radio, TV, internet, social networks for education and dissemination of the Islamic teachings, when warranted and affordable.
  6. To hire, retain, contract and engage appropriate human resources including teachers, counsellors, Imams (ministers) and other resource persons for the above-mentioned services.
  7. To provide religious counselling for those who seek such guidance.
  8. To advertise, promote and publicize activities and events to increase participation.
  9. To raise funds for financing all activities conducive to the objective of the corporation.
  10. To recruit volunteers to help in the abovementioned services.
  11. To collaborate and cooperate with local organizations working for similar goals and objectives.

B) To preach and advance the teachings of the Islamic faith and the religious tenets, doctrines, observances, and culture associated with that faith

  1. To initiate and engage in interfaith interactions in order to develop constructive, cooperative and collaborative relationships.
  2. To encourage our members and our community to volunteer for and participate in charitable activities organized by the mainstream charitable organizations to serve all Canadians.
  3. To educate Canadians at large in order to promote better understanding of Islam and to correct any misconceptions or negative stereotypes about Islam by undertaking activities and providing services similar to those mentioned above under (A) items 2 to 9, as needed.
  4. To provide help and support, as needed, to those who convert to Islam.

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