TALEEM AL QUR’AN at Al Huda Institute Canada

Learn Qur’an, the word of God, in its Arabic text, to enhance your mental, spiritual and emotional well-being and better serve humanity.


About this Course


This foundational course will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the Qur’an through Word Analysis and subjects such as Arabic Grammar, Seerah (Prophetic Biography), Tafseer (Exegesis), Qur’anic and Hadith Sciences, as well as various topics in Fiqh (Islamic Jurispridence). By the end of this course, students will be able to understand the Qur’an directly in Arabic, have an understanding of core Islamic duties, have a firm grasp on introductory fiqh, and have a sound understanding of the genesis of Islam during the life of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). Students will be able to derive life lessons and most importantly, have the ability to implement the Qur’an in their daily lives.



On Campus

You will experience the classroom setting, teacher-student interactions and work together with other students who share the same intentions, goals and objectives as you do. You will also have the opportunity to be able to share ideas and learn in a group setting.


This option is accessible to everyone, whether you are male or female, living near or far. Taking the course online allows you to attend class at its designated time alongside other online peers from the comfort of your home.

Course Staff

Our instructors are all advanced students of Dr. Farhat Hashmi. Through extended study, instructors have developed a sense of understanding and appreciation for the Words of Allah and as such have taken on the responsibility of passing that knowledge on. They have dedicated numerous hours of obtaining knowledge and have now made it their life goal to impart this knowledge. Approachable and friendly, our teachers yearn for the success of their students. Their enthusiasm and patience are key driving elements that enable students to fully immerse in the Words of Allah.



  • Students aged 15 and above; must have fluency in the English language and Arabic recitation
  • Students must also have a personal interest to learn and understand the Qur’an.
  • Once registered into the course, a student’s acceptance is conditional on passing the first three translation and tafsir tests. The passing grade is 80%.


For more Information please visit: http://www.alhudainstitute.ca/tq-course/

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